In recent researches, the psychologists have noticed the special brain reactions of 
Tibet monks in meditation. But most of them (include Dalai Lama) haven't got 
psychical ability yet. So I think psychologists might begin to research the mediums' 
brains as they are communicating with spirits. And what I introduce is through a very 
simple training of praying; many European & American can become mediums, to see 
and communicate with spirits (God, gods & the passing) . The especially inspiring things
is that orphans can establish contact with their late parent again, isn't it wonderful?

Thousands of years, no history has recorded a way by which human can communicate 
with God & spirits, now can be different.

The Spirit-Seeing Method 

My experiment is: Let anyone (children are the best) close eyes to pray or recite any 
scripture of his religion about half an hour or more, then he will see some color light 
appear (in fact, the image is formed in brain directly, not via eyes.), white, yellow, 
blue.., or some patterns, sceneries as shown in Fig. 1, then pray more until a human's 
profile appear, pray even more, till the image become clear, now the seer can 
recognize which god is coming, such as Jesus, Mary, Buddha, & angels. The seer 
can ask the god any questions, and the god may display words or sentences on seer's 
brain. And the psychologists can ask the god why man can "see" such image, and what 
is the difference between it and normal visual perception (without praying); and you 
can measure the seer's brain nerve reactions when the images are appearing. I hope 
such information will be of great use to the research of brain.

But there is one thing, for avoiding the interference of unfriendly souls, in the first
time try to see gods, had better pray in a large church, until god appears, then do as
His suggestion. If the adult can't success, may pray with children, more than half of
them will success, can ask god the reason of failure via child seer, and the usual 
answer is "pray more". If adults can read Bible 4~8 hours a day, last for one month in 
a large church, that would be a great help to speed up the obtaining of the gift of
Holy Spirit.

Experiment 1

A Filipino maid who is a Catholic, unfortunately her job was too hard in Taipei, I 
asked her close eyes to pray, after 20 minutes she said "I see an old grandpa", I asked 
his name, then she saw 4 words displaying-"Our Father in heaven", i.e. she saw God 
himself, I asked if God can guide her, then she saw "Pray more, I'll save you". (In the 
beginning pray, I'm praying too, as an aid.)

Experiment 2

Via telephone I asked my friend's 8 years-old son to close eyes and repeat after me, 
read "Jesus Christ my Lord" repeatedly, about 10 minutes he saw Jesus appearing in 
golden light, I told the boy to ask if any teaching can be given, he heard the voice 
from Jesus: Read it more.

That means, by praying the seer can also hear the spirit's voice. Isn't it amusing? And 
the research can extend to hearing system of brain. (It's a Christian family, all praying 
was in Chinese, and in the meanwhile his 10-year-old sister see Jesus in the same 

Experiment 3

An Indonesian woman worked at hospital Taipei, she is a Moslem, I asked her close 
eyes to read Moslem eulogy: "Allah Akabale" (Allah means the greatest) repeatedly, 
and I read it too, as an aid. Only 5 minutes she opened her eyes suddenly and was 
scared, she said she saw an Arabic word, she described it on paper shown in Fig. 2, I 
asked her its meaning, "Allah" she said. It was a pity that she dared not to continue; 
we missed Allah's teaching.

Experiment 4 

10 years ago, after eating in a restaurant, I prayed with boss' grandson until he closed
eyes to see an angel appear, then he learned this method- close eyes to pray; next
day he asked his classmate of the kindergarten close eyes few minutes to pray with him, 
" My friend saw a peacock flying in the sky! " said the boy several days later. Wasn't it 
wonderful? Child helped child to see spirit.

Experiment 5

A 90 years Christian old lady, landlord of my friend, had closed eyes to recite 
The Lord's prayer with me for one hour, then saw the cross. But she was too tired to
continue, she didn't see Jesus.


Over 100 Taiwanese who believe Buddhism or Tao (Chinese traditional religion) have 
seen their gods and got teachings by this method during past 10 years. More than 3/4 
of them were children. They almost all are naive, honest, some even blankly.

If the close-eyed seer recites the Lord's Prayer, he might see the Cross (Fig. 3) before 
Jesus appears. If he recites Buddhism scriptures, then might see lotus (Fig. 4) before 
Buddha appears. Both Christian & Moslem seers can ask their gods the same question 
- " What is the difference between God & Allah? I think that should be helpful in 
resolving the conflict of the Middle East.

Another usage of this method is to see the deceased. When seer meets his god, he can 
ask god to bring his departed relatives to see and talks to. So everyone theoretically 
may become a psychic by this method -- close eyes to pray. And it's different from 
hypnotism because the seer is awake, he can refuse to see and go out in the middle 
way of praying. Or he can argue with god if he likes, during seeing.

The Limitation

This method is so easy a way that human can communicate with spirits, no matter 
what religion he believes, even an atheist. But it's to be regretted, not every prayer can 
see views within 30 minutes, if he has no patience to prolong the time period of his 
praying, then this method fails. In general, children & white man are more likely to be 

The Theory of Spirit-Seeing Method

Taiwan's god has given teachings that human can see gods only because the gods 
enter his brain first when praying, and connect some nerves inside the brain, in order 
his brain can receive the spirit's signal directly, needn't via eyes & ears. (The eyes are 
only an organ that transfers light into electrical single which transmits into brain.), i.e. 
to see without eyes; to hear without ears. Now why the limitation occurs? "Because 
thinking too much!" The adults' brain nerves are too confused, that gods cannot find 
designated nerve terminals to connect together within 30 minutes, gods need time to 
proceed the unharmful brain surgery. In many cases, gods are tired out, the surgery 
still fail, just because "people think too much, too vexed" says the god.

On children, no such problem exists, their thoughts are simple and naive, so children's 
success rate is far beyond adults'.

Why must pray to see? I guess, praying might be the energy we offer gods to operate 
the seer's brain. Why the seer should close eyes? I guess it only avoid outside lights 
signals to interfere god's signal in his brain. The analogy: Sometimes the seer sees 
nothing during the praying, but has smelled strong perfume, the others around him 
haven't smelled any odor. Why? I guess that the gods failed to connect the nerves of 
sight & hearing. Perhaps in brain, the nerve connecting surgery of smelling is much 
easier than those of sight & hearing. So gods can only produce smelling effect to 
encourage the seer to continue the praying, until gods finish the other 2 difficult 
surgeries, i.e. to see & to hear. As the same, the signal of perfume is made up by gods 
and is directly put into brain, not via the seer's olfactory organ; i.e. smell without nose. 
And the perfume doesn't exist exactly, so the neighbors cannot smell it out. At the 
largest Baptist church in Taiwan, Jesus taught me via a seer (medium) that "Spirit 
seeing" is just like to dream when awake.

Three Common Doubts of Spirit-seeing

1) Is it useful or not, to brain & science research?

Answer: god of Taiwan's religion told, UFO's civilization is far higher than the earth, 
and gods' Heaven is far more beyond UFO, so, to gods, earth is just pre-historical age. 
Brain is the most difficult organ to understand, scientists should have touched puzzles 
in researching it, why don't we ask gods for hints, because they can let us see them by 
brain surgery, they must know brain better (far more) than human.

2) Rigorousness

Answer: this method is valuable because it is extremely easy to repeat. As I needn't 
prove sugar is sweet, anyone can go buy some and taste it. Some people, I called them 
angels, without praying, when close eyes they already & always see stars, patterns, 
bright, colors, (ordinary people see nothing but dark). Some of them even only put his 
own palm on the top of head, and then god appears ("palm putting on" is a short cut). If 
only pray, as soon as starting, they'll find patterns are changing wonderfully, like 
kaleidoscope, 5~30 minutes god appear. Angels' proportion in Taiwan is 1/15, in 
white men is about 1/3 as I investigated in Taipei, i.e. any 3 men, one has already seen 
something, not dark, when closes eyes. And I discovered, the higher rank men & cuter 
children the easier to see views. Anyone can easily examine this method just by 
asking your neighbors (colleagues, students & relatives...etc.)

"What would you see when you close eyes over 16 seconds?" And you'll find sugar is 
sweet. As I discovered this, I was shocked amazed, what a extremely simple way that 
human can communicate with Heaven! and why thousands years no one find out it ? 
Numerous misguides & religion wars are meaningless.

3). Do the seers tell truth?

Answer: This is an old problem of mediums. My design is: separate 2 seers with a 
wall, let them recite the same prayer, they can meet the same god, convey the same 
teachings, then is true. If we want to quench the conflicts of The Middle East, we may 
beckon Moslems & Christians each 50 to be seers simultaneously to pray to see Allah 
& Jehovah, then ask them to give teachings about those conflicts, and the 100 answers 
should be identical, which can be powerfully to avoid misleads due to misunderstanding.

Any friends interested in this method please contact me. Thank you for reading.

Mr. Prayer Lin
]My Chinese name is  L׶W^
TEL   : 886-2- 8218-1450


Fig. 1-4


Fig. 5(a) - 5(b)